About us


About us

A housing tourism project that celebrates the best this land has to offer.

In the follow-up of a long affectionate and professional connection my family has had with Ericeira, I have long desired to develop a housing tourism project that would make a difference and celebrate the best of this town.

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After working for over a decade in the field I graduated from, and gaining a considerable world-view, I decided, with great support from my parents (a big kiss to Fátima and Quirino), to develop a tourism project that placed yet another quality stamp on this area of honest people, welcoming smiles and the sea of my youth.

With our two kids, Vasco and Joana, and our always loyal dog, Chica, Catarina and I decided to embrace the challenge my parents set for us, and bring this project to life, of which we very proud and for which we live and breathe.

Thinking of our experiences as a family, we have equipped every Villa to be accommodating of parents, children and faithful friends, with everything you need to create unforgettable moments and with some little refining touches here and there.

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Join the lucky few that know Ericeira.

From a clash of land and sea emerged a coastline rich in both cultural and natural beauty. Ericeira village is the meeting place of traditional and contemporary highlights of Portugal. Although primarily hidden away from city life, Ericeira village is only short drive away from Lisbon and has lots to offer for the avid explorer.

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