Encourage yourself to leave Ericeira and dive into a region full of history and romanticism




Lisbon is everything good that is mentioned about “her”, and much more: famous for its seven hills, it has in fact, many more, where charming gardens spread over them, amazing views over the river and so much heritage to be discovered.

Lisbon also boasts its romantic charm of typical neighbourhoods and sunny terraces. But Lisbon is also a forward-looking city, one of the most creative, exciting and enterprising cities in Europe. 


A district overlooking the river, where the wide squares take us to the CCB (Belém Cultural Centre), to the Jerónimos Convent, to the Coach Museum and of course, to the Belém tarts!

Baixa Chiado

Covered by the charming Portuguese cobblestone pavement and with the most symbolic streets in the historical centre, this district was the nerve center of an overseas empire and keeps all of its splendour.


Capital of the genuine Lisbon! Through the skewed narrow streets, the ride takes us to many lookouts and Fado Houses, where the soul of this city is sung with emotion 

Lisbon child and girl, child
So pure from the light that my eyes see
your breasts are the hills, fishwife
Proclamation that brings me to the door step, tenderness”

Ary dos Santos, fado “Lisboa menina e moça 




In the heart of the country-side region, Mafra has in its own hands a close contact with its roots and a foot in the urbanity, due to its proximity to Lisbon.

Once visited by kings and their entourage, Mafra continues to be a town with a noble character and a well-kept imaginary alive. Here, you can taste one of the most popular breads, while listening to a chime concert and plan a dive in Ericeira.

Mafra National Palace

The apogee of the Portuguese Empire was symbolized by this imposing monument. A palace that is also a convent, has housed kings and today keeps its chime working.

Village-Museum José Franco

Man dreams, the work is born! Potter José Franco built a few kilometres away from Ericeira, a memorial to the old life-style of the country-side people, which charms equally, kids and adults.

Mafra Park

Within the 21 kilometre-long wall, there is a truly charming forest, where we can find off guard animals such as deers, boars, many different bird species and an endless floral species.

The construction of the Convent of Mafra is owed to King João V, from a promise he made, had he had a son”

José Saramago, in “O Memorial do Convento”




Which was the most romantic place that you have visited? Soon, your answer will be… Sintra!

This town, full of majestic palaces, gardens and mysteries, has a mystic that leaves no one indifferent. The most dreamy ones can go on a cart ride in the town centre while enjoying a typical cake, queijadinha or travesseiro; the adventurous ones can immerse in the green landscape of the mountain range and walk through the Moors Castle… A quick getaway not to be missed, just a few minutes away from our beloved Ericeira!

Moors Castle

Following the outline of the mountain, this fortification takes us to times in the past and offers a mystic protection to the whole town of Sintra.

Pena Palace

Visible from miles away, this romantic palace enchants tourists from all over the world with its unusual architecture and aesthetics.

Quinta da Regaleira

With a charming palace and the initiatory well, tens of metres deep, Regaleira has fed the imaginary of various generations and is a visit not to be missed.

Sintra is this, a little water, a bit of moss... this is a paradise"

Eça de Queirós, in “Os Maias

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Join the lucky few that know Ericeira.

From a clash of land and sea emerged a coastline rich in both cultural and natural beauty. Ericeira village is the meeting place of traditional and contemporary highlights of Portugal. Although primarily hidden away from city life, Ericeira village is only short drive away from Lisbon and has lots to offer for the avid explorer.

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